How to Wean Off Alcohol & Safely Taper Drinking

It appears to be that marijuana may help with detox symptoms but there is almost no support for the issue of whether marijuana helps to prevent relapse to opiates. I would think that if participants in the opiate recovery group found marijuana to be helpful as a harm reduction strategy to prevent return to opiate use, they would present rave reviews of this on their Reddit posts. Thus the absence of any positive comments may be the most significant finding of this study. Similar to my report of 26 adolescent/young adult patients with OUD where smoking marijuana precipitated a relapse to opiate use, one poster described that smoking marijuana triggered his relapse to opiates. Some things to keep in mind when creating your tapering strategy include figuring out the timeframe for your alcohol tapering, like deciding whether you will be reducing the number of drinks you have in one sitting, one day, or one week.

Why Is Alcohol Withdrawal Dangerous?

  • This should, of course, still be done under the care and supervision of a medical professional at a treatment center specializing in medical detoxification.
  • If you severely struggle with alcohol or have a history of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, you will likely need medical detox and should not try to taper alcohol use at home due to the risk of alcohol withdrawal syndrome.
  • If eligible, we will create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.
  • It’s important to realize that even after using Librium for only a few weeks, you may need to wean off it gradually.
  • Working with a physician on the Monument platform can help determine what timeline will work for you based on your past drinking habits and risk of withdrawal.

Discordant codes were flagged and discussed, and the codebook was refined one more time and applied again to the same 50 posts. Inter-rater agreement was calculated (.82–1.00), and discordant codes were discussed until consensus was reached. The short answer is that yes, you can taper down your alcohol usage in the same way as people taper off of other addictive substances, although it may Top 5 Advantages of Staying in a Sober Living House be easier for some than others, depending on the severity of their addiction. For example, someone who has been drinking three beers a day will generally have an easier and shorter overall time tapering off of alcohol than someone who has been drinking double that amount per day. Quitting any addictive substance can be extremely difficult, but quitting alcohol is often especially so.

Gradual Reduction Method

Alcohol proof is the amount of alcohol found in distilled spirits or liquor. Smaller drinks with a higher percentage of alcohol are stronger than the same size drink containing a lower-proof liquor. Find an accountability partner or someone you can call to keep you on track when you want to drink. Build a network of people you can go to when you need help, join a support group or see a therapist. As you prepare to wean off alcohol, consider taking the following steps ahead of time to have a clear path to success.

Types of Librium Tapering Methods

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These factors can make one person’s taper last longer than another person’s taper. If you drink heavily on a regular basis, it can be dangerous to stop alcohol cold turkey. For this reason, you should not suddenly quit drinking without talking to your doctor. The consequences of quitting alcohol cold turkey can be serious and lead to alcohol withdrawal syndrome, which can be fatal in severe cases. Librium is a prescription benzo that treats anxiety and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Professional Help for Weaning off Alcohol

You may experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms when you quit drinking alcohol. This can happen whether you’re quitting alcohol cold turkey or tapering. Both qualitative and computational approaches have been used to examine discussions about cannabis and opioid use on Reddit.

In another analysis of 2.3 million posts to a large cannabis subreddit, emerging forms of cannabis (vaping, edibles, concentrates, dabbing) were increasingly mentioned from 2011 to 2016 [33]. However, no study to our knowledge has focused specifically on the intersection between cannabis and opioid content on Reddit. It can be very hard to quit drinking, and isn’t something that should be done alone. If someone were to attempt to stop drinking alcohol without tapering off their use, this will then display symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. This can be a very dangerous thing to do if not done by following medical advice.

Tapering Off Alcohol

  • Someone who has gone through alcohol withdrawal several times is more likely to experience severe withdrawal symptoms than someone going through it for the first time.
  • I guess i just wanted any advice from anyone who might have knowledge on this?
  • Don’t know how I did it but somehow I managed to taper myself off over the course of a week.
  • However, it’s still possible to experience withdrawal symptoms.

We welcome anyone who wishes to join in by asking for support, sharing our experiences and stories, or just encouraging someone who is trying to quit. Please post only when sober; you’re welcome to read in the meanwhile. Telling people to taper with lite beer when they drink 750ml liquor a day is unrealistic and not based on science.

alcohol taper reddit

Sample quotations are composites or lightly reworded to reduce the risk of identification. Alcohol also inhibits the glutamate receptor–which is the cause of staggering, slurring, and general interference with muscular coordination. Glutamate receptor rebound also appears to contribute to the withdrawal symptoms described above. Dependence is often accompanied by tolerance, which is when it takes more and more alcohol for you to achieve the same effects that you experienced when you first started. Another sign that you might need to taper is morning alcohol cravings. Alcohol works by increasing the potency of a neutral chemical in the brain called GABA, or gamma-Aminobutyric acid.